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We scale VR training for enterprise

We at Innoactive work hard to empower global workforces with Virtual Reality.
We build an open ecosystem to scale VR for enterprise.
Our software streamlines the creation and deployment of VR training.

Scalable and maintainable Unity-based VR training

Create VR Trainings fast, without programming

Save costs and gain development speed with our Innoactive Creator, a toolkit for Unity allowing training designers to create VR training apps without programming. In addition, the tool’s templating power allows you to multi-source the app creation while ensuring your requirements and quality standards are met.

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Deploy VR Training securely

Use Innoactive Portal to deploy VR training apps across VR setups, departments, locations. Deploy updates easily. Enable secure and simple access to end-users, whether it be training managers or trainees. Offer them a familiar look & feel matching your corporate identity.

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