Aviation VR Training Hub

Join the world's leading airports and transform on-the-job training with Virtual Reality.

  • Off-the-shelf VR training modules for airport ground handling
  • Adopt standardized best-practice processes from AeroGround at Munich Airport and Fraport
  • Easy to integrate in your classroom training program
Aviation VR Training Platform
Ready-to-use VR training modules for airport ground handling
Munich Airport AeroGround & Fraport

Proven business impact through VR

Reduce cost

On-the-job training on the apron is very expensive. Use VR to save time and resources.

Higher trainer efficiency

Empower the trainer to train trainees simultaneously by offering self-service training stations.

Train earlier

No need to wait for security clearings, let staff on the virtual ramp on the first day of occupational training.

Access everywhere

Standardize processes and share knowledge across locations in order to ensure high process efficiency.

Simulate hazards

Train extraordinary situations and hazards which you cannot train in reality and without harming trainees.

No blocked aircrafts

Aircrafts are expensive - let them fly! Reduce need for aircrafts in training through Virtual Reality.

Standardized training

Ensure comparable qualification results by offering the same training experience to everyone.

No language barriers

Overcome language barriers with multi-language support.

Ready-to-use VR training modules for airport ground handling

Adopt certified standard procedures from world-leaders in airport process excellence.

Equipment Check


Supervise plane

Place chocks

Power supply

Place safety cones


Service steps

Baggage handling (planned)

Safety management (planned)

VR makes it much easier for trainers to provide a hands-on learning experience that complements the classroom theory. Training on-the-real-job becomes marginal. On-the-job becomes virtual, extended with the power of simulating hazards. In this way, we remove the complexity of organizing trainings and get even better learning results.
Christian Stoschek, Managing Director  AeroGround Flughafen München GmbH