Global roll-out of VR Training in Logistics at Audi – The training center of the future

After working closely together with Innoactive – from concept, to prototyping and pilot validation – Audi now prepares for a rollout of two VR Training scenarios across the organization. With the VR Training, Audi has an innovative and interactive learning program to train their employees in packing processes for CKD Logistics (CKD = [...]

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Volkswagen Group uses Innoactive Hub for global VR Training rollout with HTC Vive

E-mobility and autonomous driving are not only changing cars and the transportation experience as we know it, it also impacts the processes of how vehicles are produced and how factories are designed significantly. With more than 600,000 employees and 120 production sites, the Volkswagen Group has an ever-increasing need for daily knowledge [...]

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Avatar-based Mixed Reality tour by Saturn and with Microsoft HoloLens

Meet Paula - the virtual avatar that is guiding SATURN customers through the store while giving insights on product features. Europe's biggest consumer electronic retailer MediaMarktSaturn is taking its grand ‘HoloLoens-based tour’ on the road, offering visitors of selected SATURN stores the unique opportunity to meet Paula, the speaking virtual avatar. Paula escorts [...]

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Announcing VR Suitcase for HTC Vive

Imagine if you could build up your Vive  in seconds anywhere – in a coffee shop, in the park or at your customers place. Less wires, simple to use, not dependent on power outlets. We took the challenge to build a convenient mobile solution for everyone who wants to bring his VR content anywhere: [...]

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Potentials of Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Housing, property and real estate have been early adopters in the virtual reality (VR) market. Used as a tool at the point of sale (PoS), VR helps buyers and vendors among others to optimize and shorten the sales processes. Advantages are equally split between industry and customer. Long distances and tight schedules [...]

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Mobile Virtual Reality Sales Tool for Carl Zeiss

Zeiss Vision International introduced a new set of lenses, especially designed with the challenges in mind that occur in different traffic environments. Fundamental research and extensive test series brought up ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, which significantly enhance the driver’s visibility capabilities in poor weather and traffic conditions. Our objective was to create an easy-to-use solution [...]

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Virtual Reality Soccer Experience with full body tracking

The Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, Europe’s biggest electronics retailer, launched its new “Saturn Connect“ shop concept in Cologne, Germany. The store offers lifestyle products and services around the digital daily life as well as everything else an innovator’s mind could wish for. As part of one of the most promising innovations, Saturn integrated our VR Soccer [...]

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Improve Training Efficiency with Virtual Reality

Professional training of workers is a time and resource consuming effort, especially in the manufacturing universe. Depending on the degree of specialization it is often necessary to let them train on heavy and complex machinery or to bring them to a dedicated training facility. In other branches – like healthcare – training new staff can [...]

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Mobile VR in Marketing – Kawasaki presents the Ninja ZX-10R 360° App

Kawasaki successfully presented the Ninja ZX-10R 360° App at EICMA 2015 in Milan, Italy. Visitors received the unique opportunity to take a virtual ride with World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea on the Portimao racetrack in Portugal. With more than 286k visitors in 2014, EICMA is one of the world’s most prestigious motorcycles [...]

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Virtual Reality at the Point of Sale

The Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH launches the first Virtual Reality based point of sale Concept for HTC Vive in their flagship stores in Ingolstadt and Berlin. After putting on the provided HTC Vive, store visitors receive the unique opportunity to virtually configure their Kiveda dream kitchen. Users can select amongst various kitchen models, which can then [...]

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