Improve Training Efficiency with Virtual Reality

Professional training of workers is a time and resource consuming effort, especially in the manufacturing universe. Depending on the degree of specialization it is often necessary to let them train on heavy and complex machinery or to bring them to a dedicated training facility. In other branches – like healthcare – training new staff can [...]

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Virtual Reality at the Point of Sale

The Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH launches the first Virtual Reality based point of sale Concept for HTC Vive in their flagship stores in Ingolstadt and Berlin. After putting on the provided HTC Vive, store visitors receive the unique opportunity to virtually configure their Kiveda dream kitchen. Users can select amongst various kitchen models, which can then [...]

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Five star rating in Google Play Store – Users are excited by the 360° Ninja ZX-10R App

The Kawasaki 360° Ninja ZX-10R App received a 5 star rating in Google Play Store. The positive app-user feedback include the quality of the 360° videos, the VR-related functionalities as well as images and specifications of the new Ninja ZX-10R. The Kawasaki 360° Ninja ZX-10R App is a freely available iOS and Android app, [...]

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Deutsche Bahn integrates the Innoactive VR 360° Player with TV Mirror Technology in recruiting strategy

NEWS: Check out the article from Carl Zeiss here. The Deutsche Bahn engaged us to find and implement an innovational solution to better visualize the company’s working processes and routines. Set objectives were to visualize and present internal processes to jobseekers at various trade shows in order to enhance the interest of [...]

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