Deutsche Bahn integrates the Innoactive VR 360° Player with TV Mirror Technology in recruiting strategy

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The Deutsche Bahn engaged us to find and implement an innovational solution to better visualize the company’s working processes and routines. Set objectives were to visualize and present internal processes to jobseekers at various trade shows in order to enhance the interest of working for the German railway company. We came up with the idea to develop and implement an interactive VR 360° App Player with integrated Gaze Input and TV Mirror Technology, which was optimized for the VR One by Carl Zeiss.

In other words, we used state of the art technology to capture 360° videos from various different DB job locations and put them in a newly developed app. We integrated the opportunity to chose and select the scenery by simply looking onto virtual buttons. The TV Mirror Technology allows surrounding spectators to have a glance into the virtual world, the user is experiencing, by transferring the user’s view point on a large TV. The Deutsche Bahn, which was presenting the app at important job fairs therefore received the unique opportunity to catch the attention of a huge audience by only illustrating one single VR view point. The speaker, who is leading through the experience by explaining valuable information on the different locations and illustrated jobs, rounds off the impressive immersive experience.

The first launch of the app at the intended trade show was very successful, which was among others represented by the extensive media coverage and positive user feedback. The exceeded achievements led to the decision of presenting the app at various other events such as the German Sustainability Day and other job fairs. The project still continues as more and more 360° videos are added to the Innoactive App Player.

Future plans involve the introduction of virtual reality in other business processes at the Deutsche Bahn. Stay tuned in order to experience what the Innoactive VR 360° Player can do for a global business.

Check out the following link to receive more information about the company’s first dive into the VR world.

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