Mobile Virtual Reality Sales Tool for Carl Zeiss

Zeiss Vision International introduced a new set of lenses, especially designed with the challenges in mind that occur in different traffic environments. Fundamental research and extensive test series brought up ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, which significantly enhance the driver’s visibility capabilities in poor weather and traffic conditions.

Our objective was to create an easy-to-use solution with an integrated remote control feature to support actions at the Point-of-Sale and to highlight valuable product benefits to potential customers. Due to our strong heritage with ZEISS, the most suitable solution was to create a VR experience using the ZEISS VR ONE.

We therefore created an innovative app, which illustrates how DriveSafe lenses can improve visibility during various driving conditions. It does not only offer customers the opportunity to get a first impression of the effects in a VR driving environment but also enables the retailer to interact with his client. The remote control feature – done via iPad – ensures that the customer is able to focus on the VR experience and recognize the actual enhancements of this new product. The salesman is able to change weather conditions and switch between regular and DriveSafe lenses to showcase the difference. Thereby the Zeiss Drive Safe VR app is not only a customer based product experience but also offers opticians a sophisticated tool for retail.

The app is publicly available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese for iOS and Android via iTunes and Play Store. It can be used with or without the remote control feature.

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