Set-up your HTC VIVE equipment stress-free in 3 minutes – anywhere!

Imagine if you could build up a room scale VR installation in seconds anywhere – in a coffee shop, in the park or at your customers place. Less wires, simple to use, not dependent on power outlets. We took the challenge to build a convenient mobile solution for everyone who wants to bring his VR content anywhere.

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The VR Suitcase for HTC Vive is your all-in-one solution for showing your VR content wherever you go.

Everything is already pre-wired and securely protected against impacts and splash water in a high quality Pelican case. With a set-up time of 3 minutes, the easily assembled VR suitcase comes with everything needed:

  • HTC VIVE Pro inkl. 2.0 Base Stations

  • VR-ready notebook (options available)

  • Two battery powered carbon-fiber monopods for VIVE base stations with all-day battery life

  • Possibility to charge controllers on-the-go with the integrated power bank

  • All integrated batteries can be charged with just one power cord over night.

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VR Suitcase for HTC Vive

And as you are a professional: It ships with HTC Vive Pro with international warranty and fast replacements. You can buy it with or without Vive Pro. Many of you asked to have a faster graphics card or buy it without notebook. You can now do so. Send us your feedback, we are listening to you:

Production starts after receipt of payments with a lead time of 30 days. We only sell to companies, not end users. VAT is added for all orders in Germany.

Why you will love the VR Suitcase

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Weight 23 kg

without Notebook, MSI GT72VR-6RD GTX 1060, MSI GT73EVR-7RE GTX 1070, Asus GX501 GTX 1080

VR headset

no Vive included, foam cut-out for VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro included

VR Suitcase for HTC VIVE


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