Virtual SATURN – the virtual shopping experience based on the Innoactive® Hub

Europe’s biggest consumer electronic retailer MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group uses the Innoactive® Hub as content management and collaboration platform to create virtual shopping experiences for its brand Saturn. After having successfully implemented various VR (Virtual kitchen configurator) and AR (avatar-based tour with HoloLens) projects, the close and long-standing collaboration between the MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH (responsible for digital transformation and innovative business models) and Innoactive leads to yet another revolutionary VR application – the Virtual SATURN.

With the “Virtual SATURN”, customers receive an innovative and unprecedented virtual shopping experience. Optimized for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and soon also for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, the user enters a start room (either from within a Saturn store or from home) illustrating two portals – one leading to an apartment and the other to the outer space. After a short tutorial on how to use the corresponding controllers, the user can choose which environment he wants to explore. After entering either one, the user can access the Saturn product catalogue, which represents a range of consumer electronics products from different categories. Products can be placed in real scale and additional information such as, price, product features and user ratings are illustrated. The backend web store connection allows users to add products to the wish list giving the user the option to buy products via the Saturn online store, in which case an email will be sent to the user. The virtual keyboard allows the user to enter an email address to which he wants to send the information to.

To increase the fun factor even more, gamification elements and other gadgets were incorporated. The gravity of the product can be switched off so that these can float and be sent into the outer space. The menu offers tools such as a pen to make notes and a measuring tape to evaluate product sizes. Also, Saturn avatar Paula from the HoloTour appears as special gimmick.

Go here to find out more about “Virtual SATURN” and here to read the official MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group press release.

Due to the fact, that the Virtual SATURN is based on the Innoactive® Hub, the application comes with an extensive toolkit, intuitive touch controller functionalities, a unified user interface and multiuser functionalities.

The multi-user functionality allows the user to invite a real-life sales assistant, which enters the virtual scenery in form of an avatar. Both users can interact with the same products and can communicate via voice control.

“In the next step, additions will include a larger range of products. We also plan to introduce a multi-user function so that up to four friends with VR headsets can meet up in ‘Virtual SATURN’ and go shopping together in virtual worlds,” Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH

“Virtual SATURN” will be showcased at 20 Saturn stores across Germany during a ten-week tour starting at the end of November. Customers will be invited to extensively explore the virtual shopping realms on the following dates at the Saturn stores listed below:

  • November 23rd–25th, 2017: Ingolstadt and Munich Neuhauser Strasse
  • November 30th – December 2nd, 2017: Hamburg Altstadt and Aachen
  • December 7th–9th, 2017: Berlin Europa-Center and Cologne Hansaring
  • December 14th–16th, 2017: Berlin Alexanderplatz and Düsseldorf Sevens Home of Saturn
  • January 11th–13th, 2018: Braunschweig and Essen
  • January 18th–20th, 2018: Hanover and Oberhausen
  • January 25th–27th, 2018: Dresden and Dortmund City
  • February 1st–3rd, 2018: Munich Theresienhöhe and Bochum
  • February 8th–10th, 2018: Regensburg and Frankfurt Zeil
  • February 15th–17th, 2018: Stuttgart and Mannheim

The App is available on the following platforms.

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