VR Enterprise Collaboration – Why your team will love business meetings in VR …

… and why web conferences will die sooner than you think.

In today’s fast changing world, decision making is a challenge – especially if people are distributed and if the discussion context is missing. How amazing would it be to meet from everywhere in a virtual space by only using a VR headset? If you could express yourself in 3D spaces, working with virtual 3D product visualizations, data and workplaces?

The problem: Video conferencing is not enough anymore. Especially if you want to discuss something visual – such as product designs. Or if you need a whiteboard, but you must struggle with spreadsheets over screen sharing. Current solutions for this challenge are not suited well. Web conferences are good for 2D content but what is the answer for 3D content? And, let’s be honest, the world is 3D. You thus need to fly around the world for personal meetings, which is important to get a personal connection to people. But why fly 11 hours to Asia to plan a factory or explain work procedures? At least 3 days of wasted time, and 90% of it only for travelling.

Today, people can work from everywhere. 36% of all US employees can work from home – and of course we all have our office in our pockets. But at the same time, more and more tasks (more than 79%) need to be solved in teams (source) Luckily, many companies understand this need and offer state of the art collaboration tools such as Slack or Skype to their people. And as much as all of us love such user-friendly tools, we are increasingly frustrated – especially because the lack of group awareness and visualization possibilities.

Now, if managers say that they “empower collaboration and decision making” with the right tools, they must also say “we make decisions based on contextual relevant data”. And exactly this is where it gets challenging – when you are having a web conference to discuss how to design a product ergonomically, how to plan a manufacturing workspace optimally, or if you want to explain someone how to use an electron microscope – without having one at hand.

Why VR Collaboration is a game changer

Collaborative VR allows your teams to work together in a completely new way. If everyone can join a VR session from his workplace, from home or a meeting room somewhere in the world, your team can meet AND visualize relevant 3D data from anywhere. This lets them meet more efficient, use their time more productive and saves travel expenses. It’s just how it should be in the 21st century, don’t you think? So, if you are responsible to empower your team with the next generation collaboration software, you should take a deep look on this topic.

How to get started with VR collaboration?

Of course, there are a lot of questions to answer. Which headset should I use? How do I get my data (3D objects / CAD files / products) uploaded? How can I create a first proof-of-concept for a VR collaboration scenario without a big investment in software development and content creation? The good news is that there are a lot of people working to make business meetings in VR a reality. Europe is one of the hottest areas in thw field of VR collaboration and various start-ups as well as corporates are active in this field.

Now, companies are actively looking for solutions that are already available. To meet this demand, we at Innoactive created the Innoactive Hub – the enterprise VR collaboration software to meet with people in VR – no matter where they are. We empower enterprises to share whatever they like – from PDF to 3D and CAD model. We give them group awareness for their meetings, and offer an extensive toolset including virtual whiteboards, pens, shapes and much more. And – you can save your meeting room to access it at any time later.

Innoactive Hub Starter Kit

Buy a 2-user Starter Kit for EUR 9.900,00 and get 2 free VR headsets and 2 notebooks for the duration of 12 months!*

We want to make it really simple to get started: For every Innoactive Hub user subscription you purchase, a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset and a mobile workstation from Fujitsu is included as a free rental. The hardware comes preinstalled with Innoactive Hub. We run your cloud-based Virtual Reality Hub as a service for you. Later, you can choose whether to continue with the cloud-based solution or to install and run the software in your own data center.

*excl. 19% German VAT. This special offer is provided by Innoactive in cooperation with Fujitsu and Microsoft. This offer is only eligible for new customers and subject to availability.

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